«We aim at making our village a pole of cultural, educational and social attraction«

Agorayouth: Despina and Lefteris, you managed to found an organization named entaxis in Kavala in Northern Greece that has the aim to address the rights of youth and organize educational activities for youngsters in this rural area. Tell us some more details about the organization and whom you want to reach...
Lefteris: In 2020, after a long bureaucratic process that lasted about two years, we managed to found a legal not-for-profit organization called entaxis – action for inclusion and education. The word entaxis derives from the Greek word ενταξις which is associated with inclusion and integration. We gave this name to the organization, because this is exactly our aim: to support all disadvantaged persons from rural areas who need assistance in their social development.
Despina: In the beginning we aimed to reach youth aged 15 to 25 with fewer opportunities, but through our initial educational activities we had older persons who approached us for social support. Thus, through the newly established organisation we aim for a more holistic approach for our target group to reach youth and adults in middle and senior age who have fewer opportunities due to geographical restrictions, special needs or persons who face social challenges in their lives, who are illiterate and/or have dropped out of school – and as well those who wish to overcome educational and social barriers. This target group includes persons who attend senior high school, families, elderly persons who are marginalised, university students, persons not in education, employment and/or training, and those with special needs. Due to the pandemic most of our plans have been on hold until further notice.


»Access to internet connection and computer devices is a privilege«

Michail Chatzimimikos from Youth Empowerment Center in Thessaloniki tells Agorayouth what they leant during the pandemic in terms of reaching underprivileged youngsters and why they want to get involved in German-Greek youth exchange.

Agorayouth: Michail, tell us a little bit about Youth Empowerment Center in Thessaloniki. What is your work about? 
Michail Chatzimimikos: Youth Empowerment Center is a youth organization actively working with young people between 17 to 26 years old in Thessaloniki. We are mainly reaching young people with fewer opportunities, young people who are dealing with certain social and economical obstacles as well as youngsters with a migrant and/or refugee background. Recently, we have also established contact with a group of Roma youngsters.

Our main aim is to support our youngsters’ active youth participation while facilitating their learning development in thematic fields the formal education field is not covering and only the youth work sector does, for example human rights education or civic education. So our work involves one to one meetings, group work through the implementation of non-formal activities and workshops on various topics of their choice, as well as assistance for developing and implementing their own activities. Those projects are not only restricted in our national reality as we are really active in the field of international youth work through the Erasmus+ programme. At the moment two groups are running their own International Youth Exchange projects and we are excited to support them on implementing them.