Wanted: Organisation in Greece working with youngsters in transition from school to work

The German organisation „Werkstatt für junge Menschen“ in Eschwege works with youngsters in transition from school to work – many of them are considered as people with fewer opportunities. To start their journey of exchanges they are looking for a partner institution in Greece who works with a similar target group.

The „Werkstatt für junge Menschen“ in Eschwege has set itself the task to help people with social and personal disadvantages, in particular young people. The institution wants to enable participation in the society, open up access to vocational training and profession and support the progression to an independent personality. As a member of the „Diakonisches Werk“ the Werkstatt has been performing this important social task since 1983 and sees itself as an active partner in the realization of public contracts. They work practice oriented and start with the skills and abilities to promote young people individually and empower their personal and professional skills to create access to the job market.