„There is no planet B”: Youth exchange in Porto Rafti 

From November 28 to December 4th 30 participants from Greece and Germany will meet for a Youth Exchange in Porto Rafti – a city close to Athens. The 7 days-exchange “There is no planet B” is organized by iasis and Wilde Rose e.V.. The idea: to give youngsters the chance to discuss opinions, enhance environmental awareness and adopt a greener lifestyle. Apply until November 10th.

30 youngsters aged from 16 to 30 years who are motivated and willing to contribute to the program, have basic skills in English and the ability to participate in all program will meet from November 28th to December 4th in Porto Rafti, in East Attica, Greece. Porto Rafti is nowadays a famous seaside destination, very close to Athens city center (about a 30 minute drive).

The idea of the exchange organized by the NGO iasis, Connect your City and Wilde Rose e.V. is to exchange ideas, opinions and experiences, develop soft skills and abilities, strengthen environmental awareness and adopt a greener lifestyle at an individual and collective level. It’s to listen to the new generation, to meet their needs and to create a safe, multicultural space for action.

What the exchange is about

  • Cultivate a multicultural corner with the most important tools of intercultural education in order to act for the protection of the environment in Greece and Germany
  • Familiarity with the term environmental justice and ethical consumption
  • Familiarity with an alternative and more environmentally friendly economic model
  • Contact of young people with nature to create a model lifestyle
  • Confidence in building a community and preparing actions of a local nature
  • Further dissemination of the results in order to raise awareness among young people regarding the environment and environmental justice

The participants will stay in the „CONNECT YOUR CITY Training Centre“ training facility. It is a large house (450 sq.m.) with about 5 acres of land – so plenty of room both for indoor and outdoor activities. Amongst its many amenities there is a swimming pool, a pool/ping pong table, a football field, a volleyball field, some archery installations as well as bicycles which can be used to explore Porto Rafti city and the beaches!

The participants will stay in shared rooms and meals will be provided three times per day and snacks for the coffee breaks. Also they will take care of any specific dietary request (vegan, vegeterian, no pork, etc.)

Application (Greek participants) via mail: maria.papa@iasismed.eu
Application (German participants, fee:120 Euro respectively 100 Euro for members of Wilde Rose e.V. until November 10thswobl@gmx.net 

source and pictures: IASIS

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