Was Igel mit Kultur zu tun haben

Kindern und Erwachsenen die Verbindung vom Menschen zur Natur über Kunst näher bringen – das war das Ziel von Marc Delalondes Projekt Projekt Symbio(s)Art. Während sich die Kinder mit dem Leben eines Igels beschäftigten, schrieben die Erwachsenen über ihre Beziehung zur Natur. Delalonde ist Teil des diesjährigen START-Stipendiaten-Jahrgangs der Robert Bosch Stiftung und hospitierte drei Wochen lang in der Hamburger Kulturorganisation HausDrei e.V. Agorayouth zeigt das Projekt in Bildern.


40 children learned about hedghog life and ecosystem, through books and educational material. Among the questions they were asked: Where do hedgehogs live? Where do they find their food? How long do they live?  © Johanna Ochner


© Johanna Ochner


10 adults were involved in a workshop where they wrote their Sumbiography: the story of their relationship to nature. They had to think about specific questions, such as: what are the places and experiences that have marked forever the way you feel in nature? Who are the beings, humans or non-humans, who influenced the way you emotionaly connect with nature? © Johanna Ochner


© Johanna Ochner


The writing process started in the present, outside in the park. From what they could see, hear, smell and touch, they wrote haikus (3 lines Japanese poems). The end of the process took them to the future, where they had to imagine themselves, nature and their relationship with it in at least 20 years from now, so they wrote a letter to their present self. © Johanna Ochner


The children finished the house by attaching a waterproof recycled material to the roof. They installed it outside, covered it with leaves above and around to protect it from the cold and rain as well as to blend it with nature.They carefully cleared the path in front of the door and placed some apples at the entrance. © Johanna Ochner


The children building a house for hedgehogs to have a safe and sheltered place to hibernate this winter. All materials are reused/recycled. They had to think about the size of a hedgehog in order to make a large enough door, and to understand the needs of the animal, putting the house near food sources. © Johanna Ochner


As a matter of fact, three hedgehogs were rescued the week before from a nearby school where they were in danger because of the road and cars passing. They were freed in HausDrei natural area where the house has been placed. © Marc Delalonde


Symbio(s)Art concluded with a final event where about 40 paintings of the children were exhibited, along with texts from the adult writing workshop and a vast photo collection documenting the project’s process. © Johanna Ochner


© Johanna Ochner


All participants to the writing workshop read their final texts and haikus to the audience. These texts will be translated into Greek and exhibited next year in Greece along with texts produced by the Greek audience © Johanna Ochner


© Johanna Ochner


© Johanna Ochner

Mehr zum Projekt und zum Interview mit Marc Delalonde auf agorayouth.

Fotos: Johanna Ochner & Marc Delalonde

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