„You only need one person to change your life“

The majority of people who arrived in Greece in 2018 came from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq – thousands of them are children. In an educational program of the NGO „Elix“  in Athens, Marianna-Sofia Matziri, 26, and Alexandra Kamaretsou, 25, teach them. They have shared with agorayouth what it means to deal with trauma, depression and panic attacks on a daily basis.

Alexandra Kamaretsou (25, left) and Marianna-Sofia Matziri (26) work with refugee and immigrant children in Athens.

Agorayouth: Alexandra, tell us a little bit more about the educational program you work for.
Alexandra Kamaretsou:
The organisation Elix , which is supported by UNICEF and funded by the European Commission, started the project on quality learning and non-formal education in October 2017. Through the project, we aim to meet the daily educational needs of refugee and immigrant children aged 3-17 years and contribute to their smooth integration into the formal education system in Attica and Greece.