Survey No3: What are your wishes about the upcoming youth office?

The third day was another great experience for all the participants as they had the opportunity to continue their BarCamp sessions by discussing their preferable topics and thenwent to places in Cologne to get into thelocal work in terms of youth.

20181024_124540“I represent Generation 2.0 RED, an organization which is working for the integration of refugees, immigrants and young people who are the second generation in Greece.  Our point is that we would like to see a clear reconciliation effort between the two countries, knowledge and technic sharing in integration topics. We believe that Germany has the knowledge of dealing with different social groups which is really important for us. For sure, the Greek-German youth office will be an improvement of our relationships but we are waiting for the real actions and strategies. I think that the majority of the organizations which work on exchange programs need to see from this association some financial support which will give to our actions some kind of stability and in this way, we will be able of building capacity.”
Thanasis Tsaldaris, Generation 2.0 RED

“For me the most important thing is the networking between the organizations and the 20181024_125136partners from both countries and also the sharing of our knowledge. It is important to make a commitment between us with the Foundation of a Greek-German Youth Office. But, according to the information that we get, we start realizing that the foundation of the association has been stuck in the bureaucratic procedures and that’s why we need to get active. We have done some workshops through the years and we will do many more but we need first to get organized and to have active civil society also in Greece. This is very important, of course, there is civil society in Greece but it can’t be seen as it’s not organized. So we need to give a chance to all these organizations that exist and to cooperate if we want to stop being miserable.”
Anja Hack, International inclusive Project Management

DSC09292„I pursued the development of the German-Greek Youth Office since the first Youth Forum in Bad Honnef in 2014. Before that I had lived in Thessaloniki for five years and was actively involved in the local society. One question was always present: how can young people be connected in order to widen their horizons? Through the years the Youth Office did not develop well with people provoking each other. I am an artist and an art therapist. The tools of my work I can use well to establish a variety of projects. I have so many ideas. Of course it’s important to find concrete partners, build up confidence and that every part of an exchange programme runs smoothly.“
Helena Katsiavara, POP, Initiativgruppe Griechische Kultur in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.

spinthakis.evangelos„I represent the Federation of Cretan Cultural Society, the Federation of Dodecanese Cultural Society and the Network of Social Economic Comparatives, so my role here is to connect people with similar institutions and network in Germany to exchange. I think that we will have common profit of the 3rd Greek-German Youth Forum and I hope that all the legal procedures that must be taken from both governments or authorities will soon find a happy end. We already lost four years of time, we don’t want to lose any more.“
Evangelos Spinthakis, Vereinigung für Umweltbildung Korinth


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