Survey No3: What are your wishes about the upcoming youth office?

The third day was another great experience for all the participants as they had the opportunity to continue their BarCamp sessions by discussing their preferable topics and thenwent to places in Cologne to get into thelocal work in terms of youth.

20181024_124540“I represent Generation 2.0 RED, an organization which is working for the integration of refugees, immigrants and young people who are the second generation in Greece.  Our point is that we would like to see a clear reconciliation effort between the two countries, knowledge and technic sharing in integration topics. We believe that Germany has the knowledge of dealing with different social groups which is really important for us. For sure, the Greek-German youth office will be an improvement of our relationships but we are waiting for the real actions and strategies. I think that the majority of the organizations which work on exchange programs need to see from this association some financial support which will give to our actions some kind of stability and in this way, we will be able of building capacity.”
Thanasis Tsaldaris, Generation 2.0 RED