Dare Dance Digitalize- The 3D project goes Düsseldorf

Antonis Bertos, a Greek dancer and psychologist from Athens has been selected to spread the „3D project“ in November in Germany. The project which is hosted in Krass e.V. in Düsseldorf is about dance, psychology and videodance-digital technology. It is open for youngsters aged from 18-26 years.

„I am very happy that I got the chance to spread the 3D Project- Dare Dance Digitalize and to know better the needs of German youngsters“, Antonis Bertos, a Greek dancer and psychologist in „Connect your city youth center“ in Athens tells. The project is a cooperation between the Athens based youth center, KRASS e.V. Kulturelle Bildung für Kinder und Jugendliche e.V. in Düsseldorf and Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf, where the project will take place. In the end of the project there will be a live dancetheatrical presentation/performance called ‘Traum-Clip’ in Stadtmuseum.


Inspiration and innovation
The project is an innovative interdisciplinary youth art project that aims to inspire young people to promote solidarity, self-growth and team work through the combination of dancetheatre classes, non violent communication and videodance workshops. The project is designed as to meet the needs of different groups and help cultural change. „I have presented the project in the 3rd German-Greek youth Forum in Cologne in October 2018 and I was the coordinator of a group of Greek youngsters in a Barcamp in May 2019 in Leipzig on Greek-German relations“, Bertos says.

What’s planned
Young people from different social and economic backgrounds will work together with disabled youngsters and youngsters from difficult backgrounds to be truly connected and improve their skills. The audience will be professional artists, teachers, young people, their families and every person who believes in social innovative art projects.

„Each of us reveals a signal, a message with or without her/his/its will. A landscape of promises or a landscape of frustration. The clearest the signal is the stronger the connection becomes.“ (Angie Tsaousaki- poetic collection „Avalanche“

Two experienced dancers from Greece, Eirini Kourouvani and Sania Strimbakou, create a Traum-Clip in Athens and send it to the team of youngsters in Düsseldorf. Will the signal be clear? Will both sides understand each other? What kind of connection will be created? And what is a Traum-Clip after all?

Videodance dancers: Eirini Kourouvani & Sania Strimbakou (GR)
Guest dancer: Anna Kempin 8/11/2019 (Hochschule fur Musik und Tanz Köln)
Dancers in the performances of 16 & 17/11: Artemis Manakou, Nikos Karapanagos
Digital technology programming: Giannis Rallis

The schedule
The project will take place in the period from November 5th until November 17th in Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf (Mondays excluded) in the following time schedule:

5.-9.11: 14.00-16.00,
10.11: 13:00-15.00,
12.-16.11: 14:00-16.00,
17.11: 13:00-15.00
Performance Traum-Clip (16.11. 14:00-16.00 & 17.11: 13:00-15.00)

How to participate?
The seminar will be free of cost. The participants have to be from 14-26 years old. They may have or have not experience of dance, as the group will be mixed (those who have experience of dance will work together with those who havent). Please send an email to bertos.antonis@yahoo.gr in English or Greek.

Source: The 3D Project

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