Survey No.2: I am thinking about…

Almost 100 participants arrived at the 2nd GGYouthForum. We approached a few of them, asking them the question: What are you thinking about after the first speeches and thoughts we heard in the opening ceremony?

Haik NoelIn the speeches it was mentioned that Greek students learn by heart the subjects that are being taught at school. In that way students can’t participate in society. You need competence, something that is possible to be gained only with personal research. Sometimes the information we study are not valid, so each person, each student has to seek knowledge and come to his one conclusion. Personal opinion and critical mind are weapons nowadays. This Youth Forum is really important not only for the participants, but also for youth in general. If organizations want to fulfil youth exchanges, they need networking and partners in other countries. I hope that the Greek-German Institute is going to be founded and our relationships will be improved. As NGOs we hope to do our best for this specific purpose, our youth, our future, by not being affected by political issues. The only need of politics is for their subsidy to us in order to continue our work.
Heike Deul, NGO Arbeit& Leben Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


Survey No.1: I am here, because…

Almost 100 participants arrived at the 2nd Greek-German Youth Forum. We approached a few of them asking the question: Why are you here?

We are running international exchange programs so we are looking for Greek partners in order to start some new ones, while hoping to find youth educators to discuss topics regarding engagement for youth.
I see this forum as an opportunity to make a step towards this Greek-German collaboration and build in the future an appealing environment for new exchange programs. Concerning our future plans as association we will keep trying to involve children refugees in society and enhance the notion that they are as valuable as the rest of the Germans. It is crucial for people all over the world to understand that it is normal for other people to move between countries.
Georg Pirker – Association of German educational organizations (AdB)